Her Soldier's Touch


Rachel Madison is used to people leaving her, so she’s learned to rely on herself. When the one man with the power to rock her world comes home for his brother’s funeral, the time for secrets is past. Colten Taylor never expected to see Rachel at the airport but with nightmares of war and his family haunting him, she is the one light in his life. When he discovers he has a son, Colt knows this could be his one chance at a life he has always wanted, if he can convince Rachel to let go of her past and trust him.


Two people from broken families trying to make a new life with one another, "Her Soldier's Touch" has sparks flying from start to finish. Between the romance and drama surrounding a drug dealer the story has plenty of ups and downs to keep the reader interested. However, because of all the emotional turmoil left over from Rachel and Colten's childhoods the story does slow down at times. The conflict is mostly solved without much effort on the part of the main characters and as a result, readers will either completely sympathize with the characters or want to shake sense into them, particularly Rachel.  Contemporary romance fans, and those who looking for a story of lovers with broken pasts and love conquering all will enjoy this one! 


Sarah E. Bradley