A Sudden Gust of Gravity


PSYCHOLOGICAL:  Christina Davenport has always dreamed of becoming a magician. So when a chance venture into a magic shop presents her with the opportunity of becoming Reynaldo the Magnificent’s assistant she can hardly turn it down. Driven to no longer be a struggling waitress, she throws herself into their local street performances.

While witnessing Teeny’s beauty and juggling, Devon Park is instantly mesmerized. Although, he never thought befriending her would result in threats from her partner. Undeterred, his feelings begin to grow, but his concern mounts as noticeable bruising begins to appear on her body. Can he convince her that Reynaldo’s illusions are not as they appear?

Filled with magic, illusion, and allure, readers will be treated to a refreshing and quick read! The author presents a multifaceted story line that both young and mature readers will find appealing, with fully developed characters and a sprinkling of intrigue. While three main characters are present, one can be assured that they are thoroughly crafted and fleshed out, providing genuine sustenance to the overall theme. While a few readers may find the plot line to be a bit predictable and anticlimactic, some may find themselves frustrated with the heroine’s acceptance of her business partner’s controlling, conniving, and often manipulative traits. Additionally, some may find the adolescent cover art to be misleading, as the novel contains strong language and closed door relations. Those looking for a unique and fascinating novel will be kept turning the pages with Ms. Boris’s latest release!

Stephanie Lodes