Gnome for Christmas: Magic Meets Efficiency

Diane Stringam
Young Adult

At the North Pole the Elves have made a new community for themselves, making toys for the children, along with Kris and his wife Rebecca. Fun and laughter fill the workshop as mishaps abound, together with the creative ideas making magic that sustains their society. When foreman Erik’s cousin Artur comes to visit, something odd begins to happen as the Gnome attempts to find his own place among the elves by finding ways to make things more efficient. However, as the elves focus on efficiency, Erik’s son Daniel notices that something strange is happening to the workshop and the toys. Will this be the best Christmas ever, or a complete disaster?


A family friendly Christmas novella, “Gnome for Christmas” tells a tale of someone displaced and trying to find a home, and also one of good intentions gone awry. This is a fluffy heartwarming read, with a moral to the story, a magical setting, and a smooth plot. Although the characters lack depth (due to the length), the story does provide room for further books, and keeps the reader’s interest from beginning to end. Truly, if it had pictures, it would be a fantastic children’s book. Overall, it’s a must read for any lover of Christmas tales.


Sarah E. Bradley