Planting the Seeds of Love

New Adult

After leaving home four years ago to make a name for herself and to get away from the rumors surrounding the Rayton name, Sally has returned to the family farm to bury her grandfather. However, when his will leaves the farm to both Sally and her neighbor Jack, she must decide whether to stay with him and help turn the farm into a brewery to fulfill her grandfather’s dream, or sell the farm and return to the city with her boyfriend Trevor. With two men vying for her heart, and decisions to be made, Sally will have to dig in and discover who she really is and what her heart wants.


A sweet contemporary take on a classic trope, "Planting the Seeds of Love" has Sally choosing between city love and a country sweetheart. Although the story is fairly straightforward, fans of this kind of romance will find plenty of sigh-worthy moments as Jack tries to help Sally with her grandfather’s farm. Due to the length, the pace is rushed at times and the characters lack depth. Additionally Sally often appears somewhat wishy-washy in her attitude and thoughts instead of grieving or torn by love. However, the sparks and tension in this love triangle will keep the reader entertained until the end. Overall, a good clean city vs. country read.


Sarah E. Bradley