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Respectable attorney Andi was dumped by her long-term boyfriend - and getting back into dating was not on her list of activities.  Her best friend, Rachel, has other ideas in mind when she purchases a subscription to a dating service for Andi for Christmas.  Ben, Rachel’s brother, and Andi’s former high school dance partner, has returned to Los Angeles after a difficult breakup himself.  Seeing

In the year 2058 the Weller sisters have been forced by their situation to attempt a desperate plan to save their ranch.

Once upon a time there was one pack, but a fight for Alpha between two brothers ripped it in two. After centuries of fighting, bloodshed, and death, it’s time to reunite the packs.

Even though quirky Professor Emmeline Prather has a PhD in French literature, she teaches English at the small campus of Copper Bluffs in South Dakota maintaining hope that one day the quaint college will

PARANORMAL:  Kinna is a girl who never felt like she belonged. She never believed that creatures should serve humans.