The Worse for Were, (Legendary Consultants, #2)


Once upon a time there was one pack, but a fight for Alpha between two brothers ripped it in two. After centuries of fighting, bloodshed, and death, it’s time to reunite the packs. Alphas Tala Canis and Marrok Banes will make it happen with their marriage, but it won’t be an easy task. As if it weren’t hard enough combining two autonomous packs, factions of both want no part of a new alliance and will do anything to cling to the old ways. In addition to squelching a coup, Tala and Marrok struggle to find balance in their personal life. What was originally going to be a marriage of convenience has become complicated by intense physical attraction and growing respect between them, but can two Alphas learn the art of compromise?


What could be a yawn-inducing, "same old, same old", marriage of convenience story is instead turned on its head with wonderful paranormal characters, excellent fight scenes and an actual getting-to-know-you honeymoon for the newlyweds. While the heat between Tala and Marrok is off the charts hot and their scenes are definitely flutteringly fan-worthy, what makes this a memorable read isn’t the physical intimacy, but the emotional connection they form. One wonders on every page how such two strong Alphas are going to resolve their obvious dominance issues and live together with any kind of serenity. The brevity leaves some of the back story shortchanged, but overall this is an intense character-driven tale filled with passion, suspense, and hope. 


Carol Conley