Killdeer Winds, (The Juniper Wars, #2)

Aaron Michael
Young Adult

In the year 2058 the Weller sisters have been forced by their situation to attempt a desperate plan to save their ranch. In order to get the best price possible for their cattle and pay off a huge debt they’re driving their headcount across the Juniper, an area in the middle of the US where there is no electricity, no laws, and only the strong survive. Cavatica and her sisters battle weather, outlaws, and an army searching for a lost boy. Who is Micaiah, why are the super soldiers so keen to find him that they’ll kill anyone who gets in their way, and is he and his $6 million promise of a reward worth keeping him around? Cavatica thinks so. But then, love has a way of derailing most best-laid plans. 


The Wild West springs larger than life from the pages of this thrilling steampunk tale of hardship, secrets, and desperate hope! The juxtaposition of the Juniper and a technological world is enthralling and mind bending. Reading Cavatica’s story one tends to forget that the Juniper is in the middle of a modern society. The dust, prairie, campfires, cattle drive, danger, and steam power seem the norm even though it’s actually the other way around. Listed as Book 2 of the series, it stands well on its own though editing issues bring it down a touch. However, with plenty of action, gut-wrenching emotions, mystery, and beleaguered faith this is one adventure well worth reading!


Carol Conley