Kindle the Flame (Heart of a Dragon #1)

Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  Kinna is a girl who never felt like she belonged. She never believed that creatures should serve humans. After failing to train her Pixie, she leaves her family and clan behind to find her rightful place in this world. Ayden has been in hiding because of a curse - anyone he touches turns to ash. When Kinna shows up and forces him to help free one of the Dragons, he is forced to go on the run.

Cedric never knew where he came from. Raised by a Centaur who was cast out by her clan, he is unaware of the goings on in West Ashwynd. When tragedy falls on his doorstep, he begins a quest to unlock the secrets of his past. King Sebastian is gearing up for war. After losing half of his kingdom, he will stop at nothing to reclaim what is rightfully his; even if it means destroying the very agreement that holds his realm together.

This is a magical story about finding one’s way in this world while standing firm to what one believes is right. The mythical characters that exist within this realm leap from the page, making the reader feel as though they are watching this book, rather than reading it. Although written from four different perspectives that can become frustrating at times, Ms. Shoemaker does a phenomenal job of connecting the reader with her characters through vivid descriptions and the depth of feeling expressed by each of them. Packed full of adventure and mythical beings, once this book is picked up it cannot be put back down! This series is an absolute must!


Amelia Kitch