Not Your Match (No Match for Love #2)


Respectable attorney Andi was dumped by her long-term boyfriend - and getting back into dating was not on her list of activities.  Her best friend, Rachel, has other ideas in mind when she purchases a subscription to a dating service for Andi for Christmas.  Ben, Rachel’s brother, and Andi’s former high school dance partner, has returned to Los Angeles after a difficult breakup himself.  Seeing Andi again only reignites the crush he had on her from their dance days. Can Andi navigate the murky waters of the match-making service just to make her best friend happy, or will she make herself happy by acknowledging the new spark of interest she has with Ben?

"Not Your Match" is a sweet romance that, while slated as a second volume, is a stand-alone installment entirely independent of the first.  California is the setting for this contemporary romance, which is a well-written sweet telling for Andi and Ben in their struggle to move forward with their lives.  The story lags in places and some readers may lose interest. Portrayed as a competent but sweet attorney, Andi is insecure but not afraid of a challenge. Her best friend Rachel’s status doesn’t ring true due to her meddling and her allegiance may give some readers pause. Ben is cautious in all aspects of his life due to the relationship he is coming out of but cannot seem to break free of living in the past or his guilt over the breakup.  

This pleasant tale will reward readers with the dance of life for a resounding happily-ever-after.

Jordyn Teel