Recent Reviews

Fatal Complications

Dr. Jason Katz, Chief of Anesthesia at Swatara Regional Hospital in Pennsylvania, suffered a life-changing event. Dr. Luke Daulton, new to the team, is warned by Dr. Rob Gentry to watch his step around Katz, and with good reason; he reamed Luke out for essentially saving a patient’s life.

PARANORMAL:  Xia and her best friend Jayza work in the same area of Arizona, helping souls to the other side.

ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Taz Roman's sister insists on coming from New York to visit her little brother in California at their childhood home. Thinking that it will deter her, he says he’s living with a new girlfriend, which is complete fiction.  Not to be deterred, his sister wants to meet the new girl.

Maggie’s Way

WOMEN'S FICTION:  Maggie is middle aged, about to be divorced and recently diagnosed with breast cancer. It goes without saying that she is having a very difficult summer.

Shattered Memories

DYSTOPIAN:  In the near future…

Alana McCarthy has lost a year's worth of memories, her family and her freedom – the latter as a consequence of being accused of murdering her family. She is now a teenager waiting on death row, hoping to recover her memories and prove her innocence. Helping her with that is the prison psychiatrist, Daniel Costello.