Ruby’s Song (Love in the Sierras #3)


WESTERN:  When Marlena Beauregard’s dream of becoming an opera singer materializes, she immediately jumps, even though it means leaving her home, family and friends in the West to study amidst Boston’s high society.  It doesn’t take long however for Marlena, now re-named “Ruby”, to realize her dream has become a nightmare.  With long days filled with practice but little chance to actually sing and deliberate ostracizing from those she hoped to befriend, Marlena is stuck between two worlds until her childhood crush, Dalton Cunningham suddenly re-enters her life. 


Dalton can hardly believe the gangly girl he remembers has transformed into the beautiful songstress he now sees. But, now more than ever, his life as the child of a madam and occupation as a hired gunslinger widens the gap between the woman he is falling in love with and any future they could enjoy.  Still, Dalton is determined to provide a reason for Marlena to take a chance with him and will do whatever it takes to make that happen.


This, folks, is historical western storytelling at its very best!  In it, the lives, the times, the places, the beauty and the hardships are poignantly portrayed with such spot-on preciseness and perfection that the reader doesn’t just enjoy but actually lives the story right along with the characters.  There are times when Marlena and Dalton’s decisions don’t make sense and a couple of situations stretch believability but the overall story is so strong and engrossing that one easily overlooks those tiny flaws on the road to wild romance perfection!


Ruth Lynn Ritter