Scoring Position (Philadelphia Patriots #6)


Kate Berlin is working hard to establish a name for herself in the incredibly competitive world of sports agents.  So, when the opportunity to represent the famous, yet hot-headed baseball star, Nick Rome, lands in her lap, how can she refuse?  She soon discovers, however, that this opportunity of a life-time could very easily destroy her career if she doesn’t quickly establish boundaries with both the double-dealing corporate heads and the even more dangerous Rome, himself.


Nick knows that he needs help, and he needs it fast.  Kate could be his only hope of staying with the team he loves but from the minute she takes over his life, he knows he wants more from her than just business. The challenge is convincing her that professional and private really can coincide, especially when sparks fly as hot as theirs!


Whew!  Have that cold shower and fire extinguisher ready, the heat starts burning the minute these two characters hit the page!  While the sexual tension is instantaneous, the story keeps it believable by allowing the relationship to build before the actual fireworks, which makes the reading even more enjoyable.  It’s not just the love interest that is so riveting, however.  The behind-the-scenes world of athletic contract negotiations is written so deftly that readers will enthusiastically eat up every sentence.  Kate’s character falters a bit by falling into the “he’s so hot, I must have him, no matter the consequences” trope.  Still, one can’t help but devour a story so deliciously served!


Ruth Lynn Ritter