Beneath The Lake


TIME TRAVEL:  Angry and hurt, Lacey Montgomery runs out of her friend’s party in rural Georgia and straight into a time portal.  Bobby Reynolds is everyone woman’s dream in 1949 but he’s suddenly taken with Lacy Montgomery, and assisting her after her accident is only the proper action to take.  When she reveals the true reason she can’t go back to her own family Bobby believes it is divine intervention.  Unable to find the portal to return home, can Lacey make her own way in this time, and can Bobby help her find all the right reasons to stay? Or will their happily-ever-after be thwarted by others with ulterior motives?

“Beneath the Lake” is an original new-adult tale of a time-traveling conundrum.  While readers meet Lacey in present day Georgia, it’s only after she steps back in time that her personality is displayed.  Bobby is brought to life in his exemplary chivalrous actions and behavior that were prevalent in former military men of the period.  The author employs a unique method of switching between timeframes and points of view that in the beginning of the story may lose readers.  It’s only toward the end of the book that the method employed actually sparks a light of recognition as to the purpose.  Light editing is needed but does not detract from the story.  The air of mystery and innocence of the time is masterfully crafted, coming full circle to wrap up all threads.

Roberta Gordon