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SCI-FI:  A woman comes to consciousness in a remote location on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.  She does not know who or where she is, except that she is compelled to kill.  It is her Destiny.

Under the Full-Blooded Moon


Ruth has lived on an island in the remote Scottish Hebrides for most of her life.  For just as long she has denied her powers as a witch, until a handsome stranger by the name of Stuart Caldwell steps off the ferry and into her life.  The mysterious American awakens the power that Ruth has so long denied.  Stuart can sense the stirrings of Ruth’s heart, but he is a man with a purpose, and that

EPIC FANTASY:  Seventeen-year-old Fenearen Rayna has known a life of tragedy after the loss of her parents, but she has also known the love of her aunt and uncle and her pack of wolf-shifting humans.

PORTAL FANTASY:  On a visit to her grandparents in Scotland, Novaleigh starts her day with a casual walk across a bridge, but where she ends her day is a place of mystery. Sacrife, a land with talking otters, fae people, magic, and unwelcoming creatures, is an entirely new world to Novaleigh, a land she believes only to be a dream. After all, otters do not talk…nor do trees.

WESTERN:  When K.C. Daniels takes a summer off to visit beautiful Wyoming, she expects to spend an educational three months on a dude ranch before she heads back to NYU to begin her master's degree. What she gets instead is a hunky cowboy named Chay Ridgway. Chay is handsome and rugged, with a rather lengthy reputation for wooing the summer help and letting them go come autumn.