Under the Full-Blooded Moon



Ruth has lived on an island in the remote Scottish Hebrides for most of her life.  For just as long she has denied her powers as a witch, until a handsome stranger by the name of Stuart Caldwell steps off the ferry and into her life.  The mysterious American awakens the power that Ruth has so long denied.  Stuart can sense the stirrings of Ruth’s heart, but he is a man with a purpose, and that does not include falling in love.  He is compelled to save his brother from an ancient curse and struggles to put aside his feelings for Ruth.  He is a man who must be prepared to kill to rid his family of its haunted past

“Under the Full-Blooded Moon” is a well-written paranormal romance. The relationship between Ruth and Stuart is complex and grows naturally within the story arc. Ms. Saxon has created her story with care and attention to detail, tying the past and the present seamlessly for the reader.  Her prose is descriptive; however, her use of archaic language in her dialogue is inconsistent.  There are a few times in the book where the story drags, but it doesn’t take much perseverance on the part of the reader to continue.  Ms. Saxon has the gift of engaging the reader in her story by creating emotions in her characters that are honest and believable.  “Under the Full-Blooded Moon” is a great book!

Gwenellen Tarbet