Bad Boy, Big Heart (Heart of the Boy #1)

New Adult

WESTERN:  When K.C. Daniels takes a summer off to visit beautiful Wyoming, she expects to spend an educational three months on a dude ranch before she heads back to NYU to begin her master's degree. What she gets instead is a hunky cowboy named Chay Ridgway. Chay is handsome and rugged, with a rather lengthy reputation for wooing the summer help and letting them go come autumn. With an ill father to care for and a rundown homestead to try to salvage, finishing high school had not made his priority list, nor had over-complicated engagements with women. When Chay and K.C. meet for the first time sparks fly, leaving them both desperate to cling to the present, yet doubtful there could ever be a future. 

“Bad Boy, Big Heart” is a fast-paced short story with such beautiful descriptions of the Wyoming countryside, the reader will feel as if she has been swept into the very pages of the book. One cannot help but instantly fall in love with the characters, feel their connection and share the struggle they face. At times, the story moves forward too quickly, making a deeper development with the characters and plot harder for the reader to achieve. The story is rich enough to fill the pages of a full novel, but feels condensed and sometimes rushed for time. Overall, the writing is beautifully vivid and the characters likable, with a plot that any romance lover could easily sink their teeth into, especially if one enjoys a quick, enjoyable read. 

Dahlia Gosney