Newborn (Alien Contact for Idiots Book 3)



SCI-FI:  A woman comes to consciousness in a remote location on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.  She does not know who or where she is, except that she is compelled to kill.  It is her Destiny.

Darby Lapeer is an ex-Mountie, tasked with the protection of an ‘other-world’ political refugee.  When a young woman is found injured on the property, he is amazed at her innocence and lack of worldly knowledge.  He must struggle with his profound attraction to this stranger — because all signs indicate that she is in fact an assassin sent to kill the woman he is being paid to protect.

This tense science-fiction thriller is a delightful surprise from beginning to end. Mr. Hoornaert has given the reader a well-constructed story that is an excellent read. The characters in this story are beautifully layered and complex and the love story is romantic in the best sense of the word.  With a story that involves the reader completely, they will be easily swept into the world that the author creates.  The tension created through the conflicting emotions of the characters engages the reader throughout most of the story.  At times, the pacing is too slow and the reader may grow impatient.  However, overall this is an original and well-told tale that merges the elements of science fiction, thriller and romance wonderfully!

Gwenellen Tarbet