Hex Breaker (The Fenearen Chronicles Book One)

Taryn Noelle
Young Adult

EPIC FANTASY:  Seventeen-year-old Fenearen Rayna has known a life of tragedy after the loss of her parents, but she has also known the love of her aunt and uncle and her pack of wolf-shifting humans. She faces the most difficult challenge of her life when her uncle Bayne initiates a peace treaty with the Maenorens, led by their sinister overlord Rheal.  Rheal stinks of sorcery, but when he offers marriage to cement the bonds between their people, she believes this is the way to make her parents and people proud.  In the process, she has to sacrifice a future with her closest childhood friend, Channon.  When Rheal’s plans for her and the Fenearens prove more treacherous than she can imagine, Rayna must achieve her destiny to save her people.

“Hex Breaker” is an epic fantasy that taps into deep wells of emotion in the reader.  Ms. Kloeden’s writing stimulates all the senses in describing Rayna’s world as a girl of dual natures — human and wolf. The rightness of a life in balance with nature is juxtaposed with the wrongness of dark sorcery and necromancy employed by the antagonists in the novel.  Rayna goes through incredibly painful and challenging events that shape her into the person she is meant to be.  The secondary characters are equally well developed, despite the expansive cast.  This novel offers a full palette of enthralling world-building, dramatic action, horrific dark sorcery, and the wonderful exploration of the love between family and friends to its readers.

Danielle Hill