Reviews - Contemporary

Daniella DiPietro has been asked to fill in as bridesmaid for her best friend's sister’s wedding after another bridesmaid was suddenly unable to make it.  Although she really doesn't want to step in and have to wear an ill-fitting pink gown, she is loyal to her friend and says yes.

Me Tarzan -- You Jane
Camelia Miron

Jane O’Malley, makeup-artist-turned-writer, is at her first writer’s conference, where she has volunteered to work registration and otherwise help where she can.

A Lush Betrayal (Lush #1)

Joss Jamison is lead singer and the glue that holds the band "Lush" together.  Lynch, his best friend and drummer, and his fiancée Tammy all went to high school together and have been tight

It’s Complicated
Joyce M.

Tom O’Shay only wants what is best for his daughter Hailey. He truly believes that it would be best if she lived with him, but his dead ex-wife’s parents think he is a horrible parent and they are fighting him for custody.

Natalie has experienced a lot of loss in her life. She lost her young son Matty three years ago in a tragic accident. Now the grandmother who raised her has passed away.