Me Tarzan -- You Jane

Camelia Miron

Jane O’Malley, makeup-artist-turned-writer, is at her first writer’s conference, where she has volunteered to work registration and otherwise help where she can. When she wins first place in a writing competition her prize is working with a New York publishing house to get her work polished for print.  She also gets to work with Lucas Oliver, the leading male cover model. Lucas’ looks appeal to Jane, but that’s it. His large ego and personality to match do not impress her.


Jane befriends some of the other, younger male models and happens to be rooming next door to them.  One night when they are partying late into the morning hours, she goes to their room to quiet things down and while doing so sees Cameron, who is passed out and choking. She begins CPR and Lucas also assists in saving him after a night of too much alcohol. Will they become friends after such a shared experience or continue on with their separate lives?


Ms. Skiba has painted a classic picture of a writers' conference experience. The book is well written with good character development. Lessons taken from this story?  Do not judge a book by its cover; there is more to a male cover model than meets the eye. The few twists to the plot makes for a quick and interesting read although they seem to be lacking creativity. The four-year-old and her innocence will steal readers' hearts.  This steamy romance takes readers behind the scenes of writing a good book and getting it out there.


Julie Caicco