Always A Bridesmaid (Left at the Altar #3)


Daniella DiPietro has been asked to fill in as bridesmaid for her best friend's sister’s wedding after another bridesmaid was suddenly unable to make it.  Although she really doesn't want to step in and have to wear an ill-fitting pink gown, she is loyal to her friend and says yes. This wedding was over before it began. She chatted with the groom before leaving the church and she feels bad for him; he had no idea the perfect Barbie bride he had chosen was cheating on him.


Zach Morrison, the jilted groom, is now in another wedding.  His cheating ex will also be and he does not want a confrontation or to appear available.  When he sees Daniella he asks if she would play along with his ruse of their relationship to avoid any unwelcome advances. Little did Zach know that Dani has had a crush on him for a very long time and would like nothing better than to help him out, and continue it in real life.


Ms. Richards has created a dramatic tale with a twist version of this “Always A Bridesmaid”. The heroine, from a large family of protective brothers, is shown constant care and family love. She deals with low self-esteem issues and has a negative self-image, and the story showcases this delicately. The hero was quick to jump to conclusions and miscommunications abound, which will lead readers in a predictable direction; however this keeps the story entertaining. The twists that reveal characters' practices were a unique surprise and tied up the ending nicely. 


Julie Caicco