It’s Complicated

Joyce M.

Tom O’Shay only wants what is best for his daughter Hailey. He truly believes that it would be best if she lived with him, but his dead ex-wife’s parents think he is a horrible parent and they are fighting him for custody. Hailey is having an extremely trying time adjusting to the death of her mother and seems to be caught in the crosshairs of her feuding family. Maggie Lapage is a counselor and mediator and wants nothing more than to help Hailey and Tom. Warned by her partners not to become personally involved, Maggie refuses to watch Tom and Hailey be ripped apart by a money-hungry, status-loving grandmother that doesn’t care a wink for the happiness of her only grandchild. 


“It’s Complicated” is a book that will capture the heart and squeeze until every emotion is wrung from the reader. The story-line builds slowly and crescendos with symbols and high-hats. Ms. Holmes characters are layered with deep-seeded emotions, love, laughter, and life. Every page of “It’s Complicated” is a page to be cherished and read over and over. Ms. Holmes creates a world that is so real and mimics life in such a way that it leaves the reader wanting to pick up the phone and call Maggie or Tom just to them what a great job they have done or to tell Hailey’s grandmother to fly a kite. Five stars seem a little lack-luster for this wonderfully created story, but even ten stars might not be enough!

Mary-Nancy Smith