Holiday Hearts Awakening


Natalie has experienced a lot of loss in her life. She lost her young son Matty three years ago in a tragic accident. Now the grandmother who raised her has passed away. She thinks it would be good for her, to move back and into grandmother’s house, but it isn’t proving to be as easy as she thought it would be. There’s a little girl next door who reminds her of Matty, and her sexy six-and-a-half-foot tall dad who looks like a Greek god. She is not going to get entangled with them.  It hurts too much to care about other people.


What starts off as a promising story soon becomes a disappointment as frequent punctuation errors and extraneous words appear out of nowhere. This makes it frustrating to keep focused on the story and makes it feel more like an editing assignment. There are a plethora of typos and misused words, such as hart for heart. There is also foul language that adds nothing to the progression of the story. That aside, this novel has a good, original plot line with genuine characters who have been allowed to speak their minds. Natalie speaks before she thinks; while Zach is trained to have more control but has also been given emotions. This is a sweet piece that could be a real gem with some cleaning up and a last edit!


Belinda Wilson


***Please note that this book has been re-written since this review was published.***