Reviews - Contemporary

The Lady of Gladstone Manor

Jackson Belle, a famous architect and landscape designer is rather satisfied with his life. He loves his job and he’s been in a serious relationship with a woman he loves for the last three years. If only he could actually propose to said woman, everything would be perfect.


Maddie Leclair is a sportswriter for the Post newspaper traveling with professional baseball’s Philadelphia Patriots.  Jake Miller has been sidelined after an injury but his return to the big league is headline news for sports fans. Keen to enhance her career, Maddie angles an interview with one of baseball’s hottest stars.

No More Wasted Time

After her husband dies unexpectedly, all that Tess Mathews can do is live her life day by day, sorrow making it seem impossible to go on.  So, when an opportunity comes up to go to Bora Bora, a special place for her and her husband, she decides to take the chance to finally say goodbye.