All You Need is Love


If there is anything Kaitlin Stiles and Jack DeVane have to learn, it’s to NEVER underestimate the power of puppies. Yes, they’re small and cute and don’t have opposable thumbs, but when it comes to getting people to find themselves, they’re like Santa’s little helpers - all powerful!
Take Jack for example;  a hard worker and businessman, he has fought for success his whole life..but at what price? Living without rest might not be the way, as the puppy he has found shows him, despite his initial wish otherwise. Then there is the very lovely Kaitlin, who came into his life as a dog-walker, but who could become so much more…
Kaitlin is disappointed in life. She’s lost, and has been ever since her family's café was taken over by Cunningham Coffee. Now she’s looking for her place in the world. If that place is next to a certain businessman/puppy owner...who is she to complain? But there may be a storm ahead!
Puppy love gets a whole new meaning in this sweet book. The story fits perfectly with the name of the book, it’s slightly clichéd, not terribly original, but comfortable and pleasing to spend time with.  Little Man (the puppy) was funny, Kaitlin and Jack were a good fit, the conflict within the limits of reason. Truly, the only real thing for the negative column here is that it’s all been seen before many times, and that it just didn’t stand out in any way.  Still, sweet and funny always works, and clichés are clichés for a reason.  It IS true, as this book wonderfully showcased ...all you need is love!
Mimi Smith