Eryn and Catherine are living parallel lives, both of them in love with the same man, except Catherine lives in the 1500's, and Eryn lives in the present day.  For both of them, he is a forbidden fruit which they cannot resist.  Catherine is expected to wed Galen, her champion, and Eryn is married to Bryce, her sexy, cold, controlling husband.  For both of them - Jonathan for Catherine, and Shawn for Eryn -  he represents their once chance at true, passionate love.  But both women feel strongly about their duty – Catherine feels bound to Galen who has waited for her hand in marriage these many years.  Eryn wants to try and make things work with Bryce, even though the spark isn't there.  Who will decide for duty, and who for love? 

“Again" deals with the dual romance with Jonathan/Shawn. While the story is a fascinating one, it is also a very hard one to explain.  Catherine has her chance with Jonathan in her time, and then Eryn  tries again with Shawn in the present day. Is it time travel or reincarnation? While Eryn raises the concept of reincarnation, it is difficult to make the connection between the two women.  Catherine has no awareness of Eryn or her life, while Eryn has dreams about Jonathan and things that happen with him and Catherine.  It is clear that Jonathan/Shawn appears in both times, but it is not clear why he is romancing both women.  The book is really two stories in one, with Catherine and Eryn each living their separate lives and making irrevocable decisions about who they will spend the rest of their lives with.  Overall, a very intriguing look at the decisions that change one's life, one's love and one's destiny!
Victoria Z. Burg