Sugar & Spice


 Frankie, Charlie and Eddie are three best friends who have stuck together through thick and thin.  They are  business partners and run the very successful lingerie line,  Sugar & Spice Inc.  After being selected Business Women of the Year in Time Magazine, they go out to celebrate in a Manhattan bar and are approached by three attractive gentlemen.  They decide to throw caution to the wind and enjoy themselves.  Devon, Royce and Jason happen to be three of the Westons -  of the highly respected Weston Inc. investment firm. Unknown to them all, Weston Inc. will become an investor in Sugar & Spice Inc. when the ladies decide on an international expansion.  They soon realize that they are all connected by more than just a business relationship and denying their feelings becomes a challenge. Trying to maintain a professional atmosphere at work and hopelessly falling for each other is more than the investment any of them had originally bargained for.
 These six wonderful characters complement each other beautifully!  Each character's personality gets a chance to shine and, because each relationship develops, the reader gets three love stories.  That’s three times the amount of romance in one book! The constant tug of war between being professional and falling in love keeps the reader on edge and hooked throughout the many twists of the story. The chance encounter, becoming work colleagues and falling in love is a bit of a coincidence for just one couple; however, having it happen with all three does seem a bit far-fetched at times.  Eddie and Jason's relationship seems to be pushed aside as the other two take the limelight, which also slightly disappoints. Still, if one is looking for a few hours of pure romance fun, this one fits the bill, as it proves that mixing business with pleasure can lead to a happy ending for all!
Margaret Faria