Ride the Rainbow Home


After ten years away, Margaret Taylor is returning home for the first time since graduating high school.  If it hadn’t been for her best friend’s dire need after the birth of twins, she would have stayed away still.  High school had been a nightmare of taunting and humiliation. Dubbed “Piggy” Peg, she has since slimmed down, changed her moniker, and made a successful life for herself - far away from Rainbow Rock Arizona.  
Upon entering town, Meg catches a glimpse of the most glorious male specimen she has ever seen.  Little does, she know that man is Jimmy, the same skinny pig-farmers son who had befriended her all those years ago.  Sparks soon fly and Meg quickly realizes there is a lot more to life in a small Southwest town than she ever allowed before but she must decide whether giving up a high-powered life to follow her heart and live in the one place she swore she would never return, is too much to ask of even her.
This story takes a tender look at the melancholy reminiscence of high school, growing up and moving on with such sweet care that one cannot help but be enchanted! It is not only a love story between two people but of the beauty and culture that inhabits the Southwest desert and the Native American Indians who dwell there.  Almost as much time is spent weaving the beauty and soul into the setting as is spent creating the relationships.  For those who enjoy that area with all it’s traditions and history, it’s a masterpiece!  For those who don’t, the stars will doubtfully shine so bright.
TJ Mackay