Reviews - Contemporary

High Octane: Ignited (High Octane #1)
Rachel Cross,
Ashlinn Craven

Ronan Hawes is a superstar in the Formula 1 racing circuit, on the fast track to a championship. Relationships are a distraction he’d rather avoid, but a tryst is right up his alley. A new face grabs his attention at the pre-race party, a perfect gal for a one-night-stand.

Recent college graduate Claire Davis has landed her dream job as a newscaster on the local news.

Evie Bell left Fairview as a good girl and returns years later to help her ailing aunt. The town’s people are scandalized, knowing that she became a Las Vegas show girl. Forced to retire, Evie applies her schooling to marketing sex toys.

Ride the Storm
Laura Harner,
Kymber Morgan

Alexandra Grant goes from PR to mucking out a stall within a night. From New York to the foothills of the Canadian Rockies, Lexi finds her true calling and the rancher next door discovers a little more than a breath of fresh air. 

Dr. Rebecca Dahlman is a mindful daughter and an exemplary doctor. All it will take is a little wildness and a lot of trust to become the woman she wants to be, but it doesn’t happen until the only man she has ever loved is pushed into her ER on a stretcher. Three years ago, Dominic Price, a rock-n-roll bassist, strummed her heartstrings until he walked away and they snapped.