Midnight Heat (Black Phoenix #2)


Dr. Rebecca Dahlman is a mindful daughter and an exemplary doctor. All it will take is a little wildness and a lot of trust to become the woman she wants to be, but it doesn’t happen until the only man she has ever loved is pushed into her ER on a stretcher. Three years ago, Dominic Price, a rock-n-roll bassist, strummed her heartstrings until he walked away and they snapped. Trusting him again is hard to do. His regret is a melody he wants Rebecca to hear, and he’ll keep singing it until she believes him. 

Instead of bone-shattering melodrama, “Midnight Heat” presents readers with a genuine story of a rock star and his forever love. The pivotal action scene isn’t a surprise, but well written. Some diehard rock-n-roll romance readers may question the hero remaining celibate for three years after he first walked out on Rebecca, but the sensual scenes between hero and heroine prove Dominic hasn’t lost his touch. Both characters evolve during the novel and grow during key moments. Emotion is aptly portrayed vs. twisted to the brink. Author Sarah Grimm shows the reader band members becoming a close-knit family, and is written with either personal knowledge or good research on her part, but it is accurate and heartwarming.

An entertaining second chance love story makes “Midnight Heat” a keeper, but what stands out is the sizzling romance balanced with maturity that Ms. Grimm accomplishes with her tale.

Natasza Waters