Ride the Storm

Laura Harner,
Kymber Morgan

Alexandra Grant goes from PR to mucking out a stall within a night. From New York to the foothills of the Canadian Rockies, Lexi finds her true calling and the rancher next door discovers a little more than a breath of fresh air. 

Jake Callahan has been running Aspen Ridge since he was twenty-one. He’s a gentlemen and a rancher, if not a little alpha - okay, a lot alpha - but that’s the kind of man Lexi needs when she bites off more boot than she can chew, inheriting her aunt’s ranch.

Big skies, clean air and wide open spaces make “Ride the Storm” a fantastic read. Those who worship country tales can saddle up with Ms. Harner and Ms. Morgan’s effort to bring a witty, wholesome and sizzling suspense to their e-readers. Lexie is a spicy heroine with a dash of vulnerability. Jake is too pushy until he learns that pushing Lexie is like yanking on a mule's bridle. Add in the suspense, which starts a wee bit slowly but then builds fast and furious to a gripping end, readers won’t go wrong by investing time in this story. The secondary characters are well crafted, although Brian, Lexie’s best friend, felt more homosexual but was written heterosexual. Hopefully, all the cast will get their own story. The scene setting is crystal clear under a Canadian prairie sky and will no doubt have readers putting a Calgary B&B and the excitement of the Stampede on their bucket list. 

(Note: The CBSA does not allow Americans to move into Canada within twenty-four hours. A Canadian Immigration Visa must be approved first.)   

Natasza Waters