High Octane: Ignited (High Octane #1)

Rachel Cross,
Ashlinn Craven

Ronan Hawes is a superstar in the Formula 1 racing circuit, on the fast track to a championship. Relationships are a distraction he’d rather avoid, but a tryst is right up his alley. A new face grabs his attention at the pre-race party, a perfect gal for a one-night-stand. Cassidy Miller comes to the race scene at her father's side, full of spunk and emotional baggage. Seeking to erase the horrific memories of the accident that put her out of work, she would love nothing more than to drown her sorrows in bourbon. A quick night of passion with a handsome stranger seems appealing, but just one night might not be in the stars. 


Both main characters have complicated back stories which play a large part in the people they have become; alas, they are never fully realized due to the sexual parlay that overshadows the entire tale. There is definitely a romantic vibe that weaves in and out of the various settings and the back-and-forth plot which redeems the novel from being more than a steamy tryst. One of the books in the F1 Series, this one almost focuses exclusively on Cassidy rather than Ronan and the racing circuit. The complex plot transitions send the story on a twisting and turning track that never really develops into a race you want to see through to the finish. Cassidy and Ronan, however, are a beautiful duo, both on the track and off. Long live the power of lucky blue satin!


Penelope Anne Bartotto