The Captain of Her Heart


Recent college graduate Claire Davis has landed her dream job as a newscaster on the local news. After a month of traffic reports, Claire wants more.  Sadly, it wasn't coming fast enough.  Constantly longing, she wishes for more from her ex-boyfriend, an older man who allows the opinions of others to sour their relationship. She covets more professionally, envious of the juicy stories others report; instead, she has become the queen of the puff-piece. Neither wish is granted until she catches the eye of a tenacious star reporter. One thing leads to another and Claire finds herself with more than she can handle. With so much within her grasp, she knows she has to make a decision. She just prays she is making the right one - does she stay with the man who has her heart, or go with the man who offers her everything she ever wanted?  

Set in New Orleans, the reader is granted access behind the scenes of the community and traditions surrounding the famous Mardi Gras parade. Enriched by pageantry and tradition, though muddied with local politics, the story rolls along until the scenes abruptly stop. Reminiscent of the herky-jerky motion at the beginning of a roller coaster, the rider/reader hoped for long, flowing sections of prose just like on the ride; however, the author's stop-action writing grew tiresome. Issues with the story's structure aside, one still rooted for the characters' happily ever after while enjoying the trolley rides through the historic city of New Orleans.  

Amy Willis