Reviews - Contemporary

Dances of the Heart

WOMEN'S FICTION:  Romance author Carrie Bennett and her daughter Paige set out on a working vacation to a resort in Texas. On the way they meet Jake Ryder, a Texan and former soldier returning from Iraq. His father Ray slowly works his way into Carrie's heart while Jake only wishes Paige would give

Cowboy On The Run

Years ago Nate Walker left home after an argument with his father and never planned to return.  However, when he found himself on a ranch for boys facing similar issues as him, he not only learned how to be a man, but also there was more to life than running.

After making a choice that reverberates around the world, Jessie Wheeler is clinging to the advice of “there is always hope.” A maxim she once told to the love of her life, Josh, after finding him in a rancid pile of garbage.

Bride by the Book

Angie Brownwood needed to find many things - a career, a life, and possibly a man. However, she knew that if she didn't make a change none of her needs would be met.

After a tragic fire claims the lives of some of Jackson Beauford’s band mates and friends, he returns to his home in Tennessee to hide away and grieve. Unfortunately Emory Lowell, who runs his late aunt’s "Around the Bend Elegant Events" business out of the Beauford Bend estate, has not packed up the business like Jackson planned.