Dances of the Heart


WOMEN'S FICTION:  Romance author Carrie Bennett and her daughter Paige set out on a working vacation to a resort in Texas. On the way they meet Jake Ryder, a Texan and former soldier returning from Iraq. His father Ray slowly works his way into Carrie's heart while Jake only wishes Paige would give him the opportunity to do the same. A family secret that Jake hides from his father causes a spiral of tension and problems that spill into all of their lives. Carrie wonders if the cowboy in her own life can live up to those of her imagination, while Jake and Paige have a lot of soul searching to do before their hearts can be destined for each other.


Trusting relationships between these characters do not come easily, making their effort a compelling journey for the reader. Author Andrea Downing serves up a buffet of emotions: anger, sorrow, romance and the type of love that is real, raw and captivating. At times the protagonists come off over bearing and their weak choices can be unappealing. Paige is difficult to sympathize with as her sharpness towards Jake comes off too strong. Carrie in her judgment is as real as it gets and Ray's honesty speaks volumes. When a few mysterious incidents that have everyone on the ranch walking on eggshells and the plot begins to twist, the reader will have a hard time putting it down!


Margaret Faria