Cowboy On The Run


Years ago Nate Walker left home after an argument with his father and never planned to return.  However, when he found himself on a ranch for boys facing similar issues as him, he not only learned how to be a man, but also there was more to life than running. Jessie Calhoun remembers the heartbreak and turmoil his leaving caused in her life and is no longer the gullible, naïve girl he left behind. Nonetheless, his entrance once again is turning her life topsy-turvy. She’d be a fool to fall under his spell again, especially now that she has more at stake. 

“Cowboy on the Run” takes an original approach to romance with a side of sinister obsession in the middle of Montana farmland. Readers will find the depiction of ranch life well written, but may find the relationship between Nate and Jessie slightly drawn-out, even though the story flows with evolving multiple plot lines. Both characters are vividly portrayed, but the shifting between rekindling a romance, reestablishing a connection to the community, and the villain slightly clash due to the extreme situations depicted, lending themselves to improbability. This steamy story stands alone complete with the sought after happily ever after and has the reader rooting for Nate and Jessie every step of the way.  

Roberta Gordon