No Greater Love (Drifters #3)


After making a choice that reverberates around the world, Jessie Wheeler is clinging to the advice of “there is always hope.” A maxim she once told to the love of her life, Josh, after finding him in a rancid pile of garbage. Hoping she can find her way back to the man who gave her a reason to live, she clings to that advice. As she tries to combine the old with the new, her world collapses when a dangerous aggressor ignites a blaze of treachery and makes her realize that her sacrifice was in vain.

“No Greater Love” is the third book in the Drifter’s Series. Even though this contemporary story has a happily ever after, it is brutal in places. With a brief female-on-female situation and a rape scene, this is not for the faint of heart. The writing is very disjointed with several changing points of view, which impede the progress of the story and induce confusion, causing it to read more like a cursory telling rather than an epic tale. While the final ending of the book is a happily ever after, getting to that point is far from certain. In the realm of celebrity status, everyone casually sleeps around; and as slated as a romance, it lives up to the promise of the genre.  

Roberta Gordon