Forgiving Jackson (Beauford Bend #1)

Alicia Hunter

After a tragic fire claims the lives of some of Jackson Beauford’s band mates and friends, he returns to his home in Tennessee to hide away and grieve. Unfortunately Emory Lowell, who runs his late aunt’s "Around the Bend Elegant Events" business out of the Beauford Bend estate, has not packed up the business like Jackson planned. When the superstar returns, he finds that hiding away and clearing out the business won’t be as easy as he planned, nor is Emory all that she seems. Having found safety at Beauford Bend after a vicious attack, Emory is determined to maintain her home, but is safety the only thing staying will provide, or will the handsome musician searching for his own peace help Emory find some of her own?

In this steamy contemporary romance Emory and Jackson have faced truly traumatic ordeals and come out of them needing something they can’t get on their own. Both characters are well developed and their background stories lead not only to an excellent love story but also a good drama with lots of depth. The sex is sensual without dominating the story line. At the same time, the attitude and description of the assault on Emory is very tastefully handled and well laid out with Emory having realistic outlooks about herself and the attack. Further, Jackson’s tragedy is equally well handled and tear worthy. With an excellent cast of characters, steady plot, and steamy romance, readers will have a hard time putting “Forgiving Jackson” down!

Sarah E. Bradley