Reviews - Contemporary

Date Shark (Date Shark #1)

Leila Sparro is successful in her career and yet she is desperate. Looking inside, she feels she must have several faults that turn men off and she endeavors to correct her faults by learning what they are.

Treading on Dreams

Twins Donny and Hazel meet Jaz and Selena when Jaz gives them a place to stay while attending University. Donny is immediately smitten with his housemate Selena, but shy and inexperienced where women and the wider world are concerned. There is one other large problem – Melvin, her boyfriend.

86 Special
A. Jacob

NEW ADULT:  Adam ClayWilder is a living in small town America where times are

Widower Conor Fitzpatrick is almost forty and living in Venice Beach, California, where he manages a nineties rock band.  Somehow, the British rockers used to filling arenas back in the day are now playing county fairs and small night clubs.

Eliza Gray has a new job with a Seattle based public relations company. After her husband cheated on her and gave her a nice settlement, she fled New York for her new beginnings on the West coast. She left behind her adopted grown son, who seems to be following in his father's footsteps.