His Wicked Celtic Kiss (Wicked Men of Rockland #2)


Julie is a fighter with determination to go the distance. She battled her weight and finally overcame the obstacle that caused years of pain. She has refused her parent’s help and is again making her own tracks in the sand when in walks an Irish rogue with more sex appeal than even her dreams could conjure, and his sizzling gaze lands on her. Lorcan Byrne seeks time to heal and accepts a mundane job for the mob as their transporter. Crossing paths with Julie, who lives in the back of a bakery, isn’t exceptionally pretty but has an extraordinary heart, gently leads him back into the life of the living.

This is an exceptional example of how characters should evolve in a story. Its only downfall was in repeating points already made in the challenges Julie and Lorcan had to overcome. A perceived secondary action plot seemed to hover but never materialized, instead, the lyrics this book sung continued to grow until the last tear-filled page. Lorcan’s character has a moderate case of PTSD, which hides his emotions in a fierce way, but Julie’s continual acceptance of his demands and her patient way of proving her love is endearing. The heroine’s doubts are realistic, although maybe dwelled on too much, but they are valid in a story where the hero is over-the-top handsome and the girl is no raving beauty. “His Wicked Celtic Kiss” has every romantic element readers will love!

Natasza Waters