For Nicky (Torey Hope #1)


Nate Morgan has protected his brother Nicky ever since it became apparent that Nicky was different. Nate’s willingness to use physical means has resulted in anger issues and an inability to feel emotions for any woman. When Nicky bonds with the librarian at his school, Elizabeth Decker, Nate initially views her with distrust, despite the fact that he finds her gorgeous.  Elizabeth knows that Nate’s way out of her league, and there’s a big chance that he’s a past conquest of her mean-spirited, yet outgoing sister.  With a little matchmaking by Nicky, can these two people find a love connection?

“For Nicky” is a twenty-something romance with an intentional look at a hero whose best friend is his differently-abled brother.  The rotating first-person point of views adds depth, although resulting in an awkward feel due to very short chapters and rapid shifts in point of view.  Additionally, there was a lack of authenticity to the dialogue, not reflecting the way people actually talk. Elizabeth's  low self-esteem due to attacks by her vindictive sister is poignant, as is Nate’s love and support for his brother.  Nate is a conflicted character.  He’s clearly devoted to his brother and parents, but offensively shallow in his attitudes towards women. Luckily, his change of heart and clearly evident developing feelings towards Elizabeth will win over a reluctant reader.

Despite the unrealistic resolution of very serious issues, readers will appreciate the strong bond between Nate and Nicky, and root for Elizabeth and Nate’s happy ending.

Danielle Hill