Sunset Beach Sizzle (Tropical Heat #1)


Julia and Cisco are attorneys with a personal case to unravel. It’s a case of hot desire between them that needs their utmost attention. Julia is being held hostage—professionally—by her boss, who happens to be her ex, but when his half brother Cisco appears in all his sexy glory, the “no fraternizing” policy of the firm poses an issue, but not one that a week’s vacation in the heat can’t overcome.

“Sunset Beach Sizzle” is a novella with habanero heat readers can absorb while producing a little perspiration of their own. The plot is satisfactory but not original. Points in the internal monologues are repeated often. Trust your readers, say it once. Readers may take a pass on Julia as a loveable character. She’s well-written: a woman who’s been burned badly by her ex-husband and won’t make the same mistake twice by allowing a man to create her future, but she has a few too many prima donna qualities with come hither - no, on second thought - get away from me, scenes. Cisco, on the other hand, has a firm grasp on what he wants and hopefully the goodness he sees within Julia. The plot has the hero continually laying down his heart and hoping she’ll learn to trust again. Cisco’s ‘not gonna fail’ trait is what every book boyfriend should be made of. The antagonist is as nasty as they come and there’s a unified sigh of relief when his constrictive bonds around Julia are released. There’s definitely sizzle to enjoy in this ‘bus ride to work or lying on the beach’ story.

Natasza Waters