Days of Future Past

Sally Smith

Ann/Toni/ Anntoinette Rishel is a psychiatrist living alone with her Great Pyrenees. She is adamant in her continual denial of the real probability of her husband’s death. The aftermath of the San Gabriel earthquake not only destroys the fragile tchotchkes in her home and office, it also brings the unexpected, the return of Edward McConaughy, a former fiancé, to her life. Edward, or Ted as she knows him, has blackouts and recurring unsettling dreams which are beginning to turn his life upside down. Edward is referred to Ann for her hypnotism expertise in an effort to banish the dreams.


Fairies and reincarnation are woven into this contemporary romance novel. Ms. O’Rourke has gambled with using multiple names for her main characters, a play some readers may find unsettling to the point of placing this otherwise enjoyable read aside. The setting in sunny California is unique, yet amazingly well drawn with just enough detail to make the overall effect realistic. The manuscript could benefit from closer editing, which the lack of may jerk some readers out of the unique tale. Some of the flashbacks are abrupt until one gets used to Ms. O’Rourke’s writing style, a style that carries her strong voice throughout the story. Long time fans will enjoy this book while new readers will at least seriously consider perusing her other volumes.


Shaunna Gonzales