Reviews - Contemporary

Take a Chance
Heather B.

Lane Prosper is alone on graduation day and finds himself in the campus music hall listening to a determined pianist practice her piece. Before he realizes it, she approaches him and invites him to watch her perform at the upcoming concert. Unfortunately, Lane is heading home to Texas. He’s ready to find the career of his dreams.

How to Spot a Fake
Rachelle Paige

Lovelyn Pettigrew and John Smith are from two different worlds. Love has grown up in luxury in a prominent family. When her beloved grandmother passes and leaves her art collection to Love, Love wants to preserve their shared love of art by opening a museum in her family home. Love’s parents want to protect her and don’t trust that she is making the best or safest decisions.

Izabel Silva is new to a small Montana town where one of her best friends from college has settled down and just married. She hopes she will be welcome here since fleeing her previous life and job in Seattle. Her marketing experience made others jealous, and they took advantage of her. Izabel is looking for a fresh start, and hopes this is the place.

Amber was on the plane from NYC to Amsterdam that suddenly plummeted into the freezing ocean. She survived, although many did not. Now she’s slowly moving forward with severe PTSD and vivid, haunting dreams nightly. Her mom had suggested therapy, which she hopes and prays will aid in her recovery.  Adrian Alfons is the therapist assigned to Amber.

Gwen Elsmere is doing her daily main delivery route when she finds one of her customers in need of medical attention. When emergency services arrive to tend to the injured Agnes, Gwen finds herself face to face with the man she has been crushing on since grade school.