How to Spot a Fake

Rachelle Paige

Lovelyn Pettigrew and John Smith are from two different worlds. Love has grown up in luxury in a prominent family. When her beloved grandmother passes and leaves her art collection to Love, Love wants to preserve their shared love of art by opening a museum in her family home. Love’s parents want to protect her and don’t trust that she is making the best or safest decisions. Her parents prefer a museum in the city with a prestigious curator to run the show, leaving Lovelyn with little control. With one week to prove her plan capable of success,s Love contacts the wrong John Smith to help her in her quest. John is a struggling art student just shy of a degree who shares Love’s passion for art. He may be the wrong John Smith, but he could also be just the John Smith she needs in every area of her life.

John and Love have a good chemistry, though it’s sometimes broken by each character’s internal dialogue of unworthiness and low self-esteem. However, the plot and characters are well thought out and intertwined. Some of the supporting characters, like Henry, has a character development arc that is hard to accept. John and Love are both seeking acceptance and are scared to expose their vulnerabilities. They seemed to make sudden changes without the development being shown. Some development of characters throughout rather than a sudden change of heart at the end for all the characters would have been preferred. Even so, this sweet romance is filled with tender moments, friendly banter, and warm friendships. A clean wholesome read romance fans will enjoy.

Cara Cieslak