Angels Around Us (Heaven’s Torment #1)


Amber was on the plane from NYC to Amsterdam that suddenly plummeted into the freezing ocean. She survived, although many did not. Now she’s slowly moving forward with severe PTSD and vivid, haunting dreams nightly. Her mom had suggested therapy, which she hopes and prays will aid in her recovery.  Adrian Alfons is the therapist assigned to Amber. His family was also affected by the plane crash. He’s handsome, caring, and all Amber can think about after her first session. A major conflict she knows, but her Monday morning sessions are what get her through the rest of the slow moving weeks working at a design firm. Adrian keeps their visits at a professional distance, however, when in trouble, Amber has no one else to turn to that she trusts, so Adrian, time and again, is her savior. Will they be able to keep it above board, or will heartbreak be inevitable?

“Angels Around Us” is a complex story with many emotional and traumatic experiences well played out. Ms. Liiv portrays the protagonists thoughtfully in this book, and draws readers in to the literal deep end. The strong supporting characters are well developed, and each hold strong positions as supporters or adversaries. The trauma of the plane crash, near drowning, an unwanted pregnancy, a hostile co-worker with and obsession, and an inexcusable relationship with a professional therapist could all be major triggers for some readers. Readers may hope for more from Adrian’s perspective as the ending leaves some thoughts up in the air. Even though the subject matter is complex and painful, the story and location it all occurs in is beautifully detailed.

Viola Robbins