Letter Late Than Never (Green Valley Heroes Book 3)

Lauren Connolly

Gwen Elsmere is doing her daily main delivery route when she finds one of her customers in need of medical attention. When emergency services arrive to tend to the injured Agnes, Gwen finds herself face to face with the man she has been crushing on since grade school. Sebastian Kirkwood has recently returned home to Green Valley after stress and the end of a relationship started to affect his health. Sebastian and Gwen used to be friends in high school and both harbored secret crushes on the other. Unfortunately, the path of their relationship was drastically changed after Gwen left school early one day and someone else asked him to the Sadie Hawkins dance. Could it be fate is giving them a second chance after all these years? Gwen and Sebastian are both fighting against internal demons that keep them doubting themselves, but maybe it’s time to let someone else help them fight.

Don’t let that this is book three of a series (written by different authors) stop one from jumping right in! The only thing it will do is send readers searching for the rest of the series. The setting for this series is funny, friendly, and well developed, and the reader is welcomed in like they are part of the family. Gwen and Sebastian are both haunted by their pasts and that is making their futures scary, but they are surrounded by people who want them to be happy. The unique way this story is carried along by a series of letters and postcards is fun and entertaining. When Gwen and Sebastian finally come together, the story burns the words right off the pages and has the reader rooting for their future. A great read!

Valerie Vicars