Casanova Cowboy (The Montana Men Series Book 2)


Izabel Silva is new to a small Montana town where one of her best friends from college has settled down and just married. She hopes she will be welcome here since fleeing her previous life and job in Seattle. Her marketing experience made others jealous, and they took advantage of her. Izabel is looking for a fresh start, and hopes this is the place. While attending the wedding of one his best friends, Zackary MacEntier catches a glimpse of a beautiful lady with green eyes There is something that draws Zack to her, and although he has a bit of a reputation as a playboy in the past, he hopes that there may be new possibilities around. When trouble arises, both Zack and Izabel find themselves in the crosshairs of someone out to destroy their new relationship.

“Casanova Cowboy” exposes readers to country living in Montana, and a steamy romance between two opposites. The main characters in this book are both very strong willed and skilled in very different career paths. The secondary cast of friends for both Zack and Izabel are presented as very supportive. The portrayal of prejudices is well written and builds to the angst and turmoil which builds within the plot. The first chapter may overwhelm some readers as it introduces eleven characters by name and refers to two others. Since this is book two in a series, reading the first book may help aid in placing the characters. This is a common trope as opposites attract and friends to lovers, however the hero and heroine are endearing and will draw readers in from the start.

Viola Robbins