Reviews - Contemporary

Cash Morgan has buried himself in his record store since his life imploded more than 15 years ago. He’s built walls around his heart so tall and thick no one has been able to break through - until Sasha. Cash doesn’t want to want her, but he does. He already went through hell because of a woman, and has no desire to open up again, let alone to a girl who is almost 20 years younger than him.

Luna Lamont, jaded and fiercely independent self-defense coach, needs no man… until a surprising and large inheritance makes an appearance with the caveat that she be married in order to receive it.

Myra works hard to maintain the life she has carved out for herself and her children. Running the local coffee shop, Myra is a favorite among the locals. Caught up with personal decisions and running a business, Myra is blindsided. An outsider with money has not only bought her shop out from under her, but he has also her home as well.

After working tirelessly for years to see a new company rise, Ava finally lands her dream position. But before she officially takes on her new role, her sister suggests that Ava take a much needed vacation to a small town in Iceland.

When Shiloh receives word of her father’s passing, a sudden trip back to Twisted Fork, the town that holds monstrous memories, becomes necessary. If burying the very man who caused her such abandonment trauma wasn’t bad enough, Shiloh also has to navigate dealing with two older sisters who belittle her, and a town filled with people who only want to victim blame.