Tricked in October (Pineridge Book 2)

Kelsey O’Henry’s annual Halloween costume party is just around the corner, but it’s the first year she’s hosting it since her husband’s passing. Kelsey’s already got enough on her plate on top of running the bar, including caring for three children, watching over her alcoholic mother, and making sure she keeps up with paying the bills. However, now she’s also got to deal with the feelings she’s developing for her best friend, Davis Vance. Vance, a star on the TV show “Renovation Dudes” with his twin brother, is tired of the fame, but sees an opportunity to save Kelsey’s bar and has to take it. However, could that just be his hidden feelings doing the talking? What will happen when the tension continues to build until Halloween?
All readers are going to want to save a few hours to finish this addicting holiday novel that has everyone’s two favorite H’s: Halloween and hotness; this read will definitely live “rent free” in readers’ heads for weeks. The protagonist is a strong-willed, independent mother; but she does become too much to empathize with due to her constant stubbornness. Davis, though, is the perfect man, and not one reader will finish this tale without an ounce of swoon for him. Unfortunately, readers didn’t quite get enough of Davis since the plot feels too fast and rushed. The story still acts as a quick little holiday read for those looking for some sexy Halloween moments, but it feels too unrealistic to see Kelsey fall in love so soon after her husband’s death. Overall, this book still does a beautiful job of presenting a sweet, friends-to-lovers romance.
Austen Grace